Wednesday, August 24, 2011

magic hats

Our studio group, Ultimo Project, has a show coming up with The Sydney Fringe Festival, so I decided to paint a version of the digital image done the other day. I found it a challenge, the painting being fairly difficult to achieve a similarity to the original. It has really to go its own way, and the dry brushing worked well.
They are both about A4 in size

I just added one more, with some extra details, in the show it will go


  1. they're both beautify...
    I know I might sound sully, but... which one is digital?
    I love the textures on both of them...

  2. the bottom, beigey one is the digital one

  3. If you're told it's a rabbit but it looks like a roo, which is it?
    Fantastic image dad!