Saturday, May 19, 2012

hitting the fan

Earlier this week I was out at the Western PlainsZoo,at Dubbo 400k north west of Sydney, doingsome drawing, came across the old hippoenclosure. He is sound asleep. Come back later.
Later, he is up and on land, I get close, about 10m away, he lets loose, and it is like the proverbial shit hits the fan! Wags his stumpy tail, dung flies everywhere, marking his territory. Staggers off for a wash in the pond.
What a sight!!

I thought I would put up a line drawing as well,  I prefer it actually.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Big Red thought he was pretty cluey, picking up a ride  on his way to greener pastures! But little did he realise....
They cull millions of these roos each year in Australia, plus many more die as road kill, so you had better get over here fast if you want to see some! The IF topic of "hitched" was the basis for this illustration.